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Your Journey

Congratulations, you're expecting!

“What on earth happens now?…..” we hear you say!  As first time parents the minefield that is shopping for your little of bundle of joy can feel pretty intimidating.  At the Pram Shop we aim to take away this fear and uncertainty and guide you through the process of getting what you need as painlessly and simply as possible.  We try to leave the pain for labour! 

So the first step is to come into the shop to see us.  We pride ourselves in providing a really friendly, bespoke service which means we will try to get to know a little about you and your lifestyle so that we can tailor our recommendations to suit you.  We try to narrow it down to a few prams which we will demonstrate for you and let you test-drive in the shop!  It may be that you need to come back several times with parents and other trusted advisors who will help you make your final decision.  It’s not unusual for grans to want to test drive the prams too – just ask our Isa! 

The transportation of baby in a car can sometimes provide expectant parents with added anxiety and we are happy to advise on the car seat which will best serve your circumstances be it an infant carrier, lie flat car seat or fixed car seat.  We have pram bundles which incorporate all of these options to make it as easy as possible for you. As we also have a selection of furniture and bedding, we can, if you wish, help you to plan your nursery with everything from rocking chairs to next to me cribs, baby swings and accessories

We offer very flexible payment terms.  You have the ability to secure your products with a £50 deposit and then pay them up interest free in however best way it suits you. As we have a lot of customers who aren’t in the local area we are happy to accept payments over the telephone by credit or debit card We often find expectant parents will come back a few months down the road and add various other bits-and-pieces on to their invoice.  As we will store all of your items free of charge for you until you are ready for them to be at home, it means that you know that you are completely organised for when the time comes.